The Pentacostal Way of Truth Youth Drummers blessed up the CommuniTree Festival with their lively polyrhythmic pulsations at the Esperanza Center for Sustainability.


Jesus, a renowned young acrobatic slam dunk master, flaunts his skills at the CommuniTree Festival Opening Ceremony at Mosswood Park.



It is said that “vision without action is a daydream, but that action without vision is a nightmare.” Well it seems that this CommuniTree Movement, similar to the way mushrooms blossom out of an intricate mycelium web under the soil, has been birthed from a large vision, whose roots have no doubt been nurtured and watered by a global movement of community based organizations working for a more healthy human presence on this living earth.

Hello world!

SDC10075“It takes a village to raise a communitree.”

In the midst of a global recession, on the heals of Obama’s election, in the face of continuing climate change, the CommuniTree Movement, a small grassroots community based organization in Oakland California, has arisen on a mission to grow healthy urban ecosystems that foster cross cultural dialogue and ecological awareness.

In a city challenged by gun violence, often underfunded by city programs, and left with unequal access to healthy food systems, the CommuniTree Movement has begun its work of connecting artists, urban farmers, activists, educators, struggling youth and elders into a dialogue of possible change.

Through their tri-annual Arts and Ecology benefit festival, the CommuniTree Movement has brought together such luminaries as Drew Dellinger of Poets for Global Justice, Emory Douglass of the Black Panthers, Kemba Shakur of Urban Releaf, Brahm Amadi of Peoples Grocery, Jason Harvey of Oakland Food Connection, Nicole Lee of Urban Peace Movement, along with many other community leaders and visionaries, to dialogue about creative ways of working for peace, and a sustainable environment.

During this four day activation series, the CommuniTree Movement conducts service projects which range from creating urban food procucing gardens at schools and churches, leading music and arts workshops with at risk youth, conducing bioremediation and urban tree plantings in disturbed areas, doing public street artivism demonstrations in the middle of downtown Oakland. This group of artists and activists are defenitelty utylizing an array of creative modalities to address some of the keystone challenges of our day.

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